Wednesday, August 24, 2011

REVIEW: Ruby Red by Kerstin Gier

Rating: 3.5/5 Stars
Audience: Teen/Young Adult
Genre: Time Travel/Fantasy

Summary: Gwen was not supposed to be the "gifted" one, the individual who possessed the time travel gene.  It was supposed to be Charlotte, who has trained all her life to complete the Lodge's quest to close the circle.  But when Gwen is suddenly transported to the 19th century, it becomes clear someone has made a mistake or has her mother lied about her birthday all these years? If so, why?  Also, there is the handsome Gideon, who is supposed to aid Gwen in her time travel adventures.  How do all these new people and the mysteries of her family fit together in Gwen's life? Who can she trust?  Read Ruby Red to find out.

Lucinda's Thoughts:  I really enjoyed this book.  Being a historical romance and fantasy novel fan, it has several elements that really caught my interest. Also, Gwen is a spunky, likable character that seems resourceful, yet down-to-earth and this serves to keep the reader involved in her story. 
Because of her likability,  Gwen's unexpected jaunt to the past and the subsequent mysteries revealed by her journeys were sufficiently intriguing to keep my interest.  In addition, as the book progresses, Gwen's eccentric family furthers the deepening of the plot and also helps to bring up additional mysteries that should be answered in subsequent novels in the series.  Gwen's meeting with the enigmatic historical figure Count De St. Germaine also sparks off new sets of questions that Gideon and Gwen must answer.  Questions like- who is behind the attempt on their lives as they seek to leave the Count's time period?  What is the Count's true purpose?  Is Gwen doing the "right" thing by allying herself with the Lodge or should she trust Paul and Lucy? 



Danmark said...

I enjoyed this time travel story very much. Gwyneth is a great character. She is a typical teenage girl with friends and interests in movies and fashion. She has one small quirk, she sees and talks to ghosts and gargoyles. One of her friends is the young aristocrat who haunts the school she attends. It was his former home after all. It is her cousin Charlotte who has been prepared since she was a child to be the time traveler in the family. She has been trained and introduced to the secrets of the Guardians. Charlotte's mother has raised her daughter to feel superior.

Unfortunately, because her mother lied about her birthday to protect her, it is Gwyneth who is actually the one who travels in time. Her mother had hoped that the time travel gene would pass her by. The time travelers are trying to prime an instrument with the blood of all twelve time travelers to complete a prophecy.

Lucinda said...

Great comment Danmark! Glad to know that you too enjoyed this book :)

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