Wednesday, October 12, 2011

NEWS + REMINDER: We're now mobile-friendly

It's now easy to navigate our site on your smartphone! The gadgets on the right sidebar don't appear in the mobile version, but you can browse recent posts and click on the title to open the full post—including images and comments. If you still see the desktop version on your phone, your mobile browser may not be supported. However, if you would prefer a more easily navigated version, you should be able to force the mobile version by appending ?m=1 to the URL. This trick should also work for some other websites that aren't currently mobile-friendly. To force "mobile-ize" Book News and Reviews, simply type in

Don't forget that our Fall Giveaway Event deadline is this Friday! It looks like there are a few titles in high demand (Looking for Salvation at the Dairy Queen, Forgotten, Heresy, Prophecy, The Iron Queen, etc.) If you want to increase your chances of winning your top pick, remember that you can earn an extra entry by commenting about any of the other news or reviews we have posted to the site. Good luck!

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